Eliminate Your Clinic's Repetitive Front-Desk Processes.

Replace manual front-desk activities with automated workflows.


Use your applications. Without opening them.

Use automation triggers to execute workflows and functions within any application your clinic uses. Leave the clicks and form-filling to us.


The Un-platform

Replace traditional platform navigation with a rules-based interface. Utilize plug-and-play triggers, automations, and workflows for a zero-click platform experience.


Don't switch. Integrate.

Our integrations allow patient data to flow seamlessly across the clinical applications you are already using.

Instantly Fill Any Form

Sync and autofill existing health records to automatically complete routine forms and documents.

Eliminate Accidental Errors

Avoid costly typos and errors by cross-referencing new data entries with existing medical records.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Use workflow chains to automatically execute processes within every app your clinic uses.

Per Month


Layer our rules-based "no-click" interface over existing clinic apps.

  • Library of automation presets and templates

  • Custom workflow and automation builder

  • EHR/EMR integration with data-verification and autofilling

Per year


All the same features with an annual discount. Annual subscribers benefits include:

  • Dedicated account support

  • Onboarding and instructional resources

  • Community forums

Olamedi Community

Gain access to forums, channels, and resources. Share ideas, pose questions, and make new connections.

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